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Content Policy


1.1 UsenetSafe does not grant posting privileges of any kind of information to both new or long-term members as our system creates meta search and provides you with an access to this network.

1.2 UsenetSafe is designed to provide users with download ability through the worldwide Usenet servers. No upload options shall be added in the future improvements of the site.

1.3 On the basis on abovementioned paragraphs, one can make the conclusion that UsenetSafe has on influence on the content posting process, although UsenetSafe shall delete the content that is considered to be illegal or infringing immediately. The list of the content that is to be deleted you can find below.


2.1 The content is considered to be illegal and is to be removed immediately including without limitation any transmissions that would constitute a material that includes:

2.1.1 Copyright Infringement We take copyright infringement notices/ DMCA Takedowns seriously and remove the content immediately. UsenetSafe is fully compliant and cooperative following the guidelines dictated in the DMCA.

2.1.2 Child pornography UsenetSafe will not ignore or tolerate any incident of child pornography material spread. UsenetSafe indicates and prevents the sexual exploitation of children by working cooperatively with other services who fights against Child Pornography. UsenetSafe shall review resources allocated to the prevention, detection, investigation and eradication of child pornography.

2.1.3 bestiality, zoo,

2.1.4 drug use,

2.1.5 footage of real violence,

2.1.6 cruelty and criminal activity, or otherwise violate any local, state, national or international law or regulation


3.1 Takedown is considered to be a vital tool in removing illegal content material at its source, keeping the Internet free of this content.

3.2 It refers to a company’s procedures for handling reports that may come from users or companies who try to prevent the spread of illegal material.

3.3 Takedown means acting promptly to identify whether the reported material is illegal, and if so, to remove and isolate the content from being viewed or circulated by the public.

3.4 If it is confirmed, it should be deleted immediately from networks and services.


4.1 The users or companies who try to prevent the spread of illegal material give UsenetSafe a complaint about a certain case.

4.2. UsenetSafe Disables Access to the Content immediately.

4.3 If you find any case of above listed illegal material on UsenetSafe – no matter whether you are agent or not, please forward the information to the Support Team.


5.1 If you are ready to submit a takedown – contact [email protected]

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